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Get on the path to Homeownership!

Adair has over 40 years of experience working with customers just like you. Whether you are building on a city lot or rural acreage, already own your land or need help finding it, are replacing your existing home or building for the first time, our Homeownership Counselors are there to help you every step of the way.

  • Step #1: Visit Adair Homes
    • Get the facts about our unique building process
    • Learn how Adair can deliver a superior home at an unprecedented value
    • Choose the home plan that works best for your family with No Obligation
  • Step #2: Complete No Obligation Approval Worksheet
    • Receive a Good Faith Estimate with monthly payment and interest rates
    • Receive a FREE credit report complete with credit scores
    • Receive a loan application to complete and return (required for land and/or home purchase)
  • Step #3: Schedule Free Site Evaluation
    • Contact Adair Homes to schedule your Site Evaluation
    • Determine elevation grades, home position, and identify any potential site issues
    • Receive an Owner Jurisdiction Questionnaire, Plot Plan, and Site Report
  • Step #4: Contact your Local Jurisdiction
    • Review Owner Jurisdiction questionnaire with local planning commission
    • Confirm property corners, setback requirements, extreme climate situations, CC&Rs, and utilities
    • Collect bids for your "Homeowner To-Do" items
  • Step #5: Schedule Total Cost Review
    • Schedule an appointment to review your total project cost
    • Examine and review total project costs, monthly payment and home order
  • Step #6: Order your new Adair Home
    • Sign the Adair Joint House Building Agreement
    • 120 day price protection period begins and you are scheduled for construction